"...unto the uttermost part of the earth."  -Acts 1:8

The Burke Family to Malaysia

     The Lord burdened the hearts of Brother Stephen and Sister Bonnie Burke to serve as missionaries in 1978 while they were attending Baptist Bible College. Following graduation, they returned to Virginia, USA and joined the Chilhowie Baptist Church. Bro Burke served the church as director of the youth ministry, visitation, and the bus ministry. While in this ministry, he continued to support the family by working as civil designer with a land development firm. In 1984 they began full time deputation.

     The Burkes arrived in Singapore on 17 November 1986. Maranatha Baptist Church (MBC) in Singapore sponsored them into the country. The Burkes knew that the Lord would have them to plant a church, but Pastor Manning of MBC asked if they would like to work with them for a while. They had the opportunity to work with MBC in a variety of ministries. Through much prayer and planning, Brother Manning, the men of MBC, and Brother Burke, were determined to start a new work in the North central part of the Island. The Burkes became convinced of the Lord’s leadership to start Victory Baptist Church (VBC) in the area of Hougang. The ministry would be out of MBC and Brother Burke would pastor the church. The plan was for MBC members who were keen to help setup VBC to go to Hougang following the services at MBC each Sunday. Each person would bring a person to the Lord and to VBC. They would then return to MBC and no longer visit and serve at VBC. The Lord blessed VBC with its first service on 3 May 1987 by having six visitors and one of them got saved.

     On 4 September 1988 VBC was organized with fourteen charter members and they called Brother Burke to be the pastor. They began working on the paperwork necessary to register as a society. Visitors continued to come and many got saved. The Lord blessed the work and at one time, the attendance grew to 100. However, the church faced a fair amount of challenges from within and without. But God was faithful and He lovingly preserved VBC. Finally, in April 1995 VBC was officially registered as a society and a charity under the Charities Act.

     In late 2000, the Burkes announced to
the church that the Lord has laid upon their
hearts to go to Malaysia to be missionaries.
The church then voted Bro Jeremy Tan to
take over as the next Pastor of VBC,
effective 1 April 2001

Steve and Bonnie Burke

Please pray for the Burke family as they serve God in Malaysia.
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