"...unto the uttermost part of the earth."  -Acts 1:8

The Davis Family to the Bronx-NY

Alan and Sabrina Davis are located in the Bronx. Two very different cultures, Blacks and Hispanics, heavily populate the neighborhoods surrounding the Bronx Building Baptist Church. Most of the people live in apartment buildings and many of the buildings can be difficult to access. Brother Davis has been run out of more than one building while trying to do door-to-door visitation. 

Since the beginning of their church planting ministry in 1984, it has been necessary for the Davis' to relocate numerous times. The first location was a rented two-story house in which the downstairs served as the church and the upstairs served as their living quarters. When the Buildings Department issued a summons for an illegal church, they were forced to renovate the garage so the church would have a place to meet. This facility was very small and had no parking so they tried to purchase a pool hall. Although unable to purchase the pool hall, they were able to rent the property for two years. From the pool hall they relocated to a funeral home. Seven years later the funeral home was sold and the building demolished. The church now meets in what was previously a strip club. Transforming the former strip club into a church building required a lot of work. Brother Davis believes that had it not been for the work of CLAIM, the combined cost of labor and materials would have been close to $200,000. 

Bronx Building Baptist Church is praying for God to supply a permanent location. Real estate in New York City is among the most expensive in the nation. At present, rent for the Bronx Building Baptist Church is over $3,000 per month. By faith Alan and Sabrina Davis came to New York City and by faith they press on, trusting God to meet their personal needs and the needs of the church.

Allan and Sabrina Davis

Please pray for the Davis family as they serve God in the Bronx-NY.
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